Once dubbed as the best rapper in VietNam, L.K. (LilKnight) born as Nguyen Quang Hung, is also considered a pioneer in the underground music scene who eventually paved his way to real stages.

He performed the intro in dive My Linh’s “Chat with Mozart album“. He was featured on two of Hoang Hai‘s albums. He was once signed to Chanh Nam Entertainment alongside singer Ung Dai Ve. And he has had a successful album released in mainstream. But now that Chanh Nam is no more, it seems like this rapper’s spotlight has dimmed, while both LK and Ung Dai Ve’s fame continues to be overshadowed.

But as you all may or may not know, Ung Dai Ve is already in the process of preparing for his Vol 2 comeback and since most fans have been used to hearing these two being mentioned almost interchangeably, word on the net is that LK is also releasing a sophomore album. If so, we can only guess that it will be the underground kind since there has been no official news of this despite the release of two of his latest songs, one being a remastered track and the other completely new.

Thiên Đường Cho Mày/A Heaven For You –  ft. JayTee

This song has been on repeat for the last 2 and a half  hours, and I am still not sick of it yet. If listen carefully, you’ll realize that LK’s lyrics are actually very “real” unlike the cheap cliche stuff that these other so called ‘rappers’ slap together. Not only  does he flow well, but his Hanoiian accent also compensates for a smoother rap–something quite  hard to do, since VietNamese, itself, is practically a whole octave lower in tone thus sometimes coming off as cacophonous.

With that, JayTee should also deserve credit for that extremely catchy chorus. LK might be able to rap and compose, but in areas like singing, that’s where things should left be alone. This  friendly collaboration is definitely a smart move. For those not familiar with this JayTee guy, you might be able to recognize him as Miss Audition 07 Emily Huong Lys friend. If that still doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe this will? And if you still haven’t a clue, then listen to the next song and familiarize yourself so maybe next time when we do mention him, the name won’t be so random.

Anyway, here’s the other most recent song released this month.

Không Tin Một Sớm Mai Bình Yên Remix/Don’t Believe in a Peaceful Tomorrow – ft. JayTee

And just excuse the MP3s’ low quality. These guys are merely recording from a home studio, and most likely without the fancy schmancy hi-tech editing stuff.