Following Bao Thy‘s “Bao Dem Em Khoc/Each Night I Cry” and Khanh Phuong’s “Khong Kip Nua Roi/Can’t Make it in Time”,  Dong Nhi‘s “Mim Cuoi Khi Anh Ra Di/Slight Smile When You Leave” is the third installation to Nhat Trung‘s new album project called Top Download Series 1. Check out the new song below:


Full MP3

The download series will have a total of 7 different songs, all produced by Nhat Trung (director of Thien Thi Corp), sung by 7 different artists (Bảo Thy, Đông Nhi, Minh Hằng, Trương Quỳnh Anh, Khánh Phương, Akira Phan & Nhat Trung, himself)  and is currently set for release at the end of this month.