Great, now the hotgirl wave will have its very own theme song… How convenient.

After a series of romantic love songs like “Cơn mưa tình yêu”, “Thiên đường gọi tên”, “Cơn gió lạ”, “Qua đêm nay“…. musician Manh Quan has been off the radar for some time since the release of his first album. In this long period of planning preparations for his comeback, Manh Quan is officially returning from hiatus with  the track that has once been charged as “controversial” entitled “Hot Girl”.  Quan justified this bold decision by saying, “This song is written about the beautiful girls that people, today, call Hotgirls; Male listeners will probably have a better opinion of it so that is why Hoang Hai and I made this a duet.”


Hoang Hai (left) & Manh Quan (middle)

It was revealed that just because the lyrics touch upon a sensitive topic, Hoang Manh & Quan Hai (both from the old music show Sao Mai Diem Hen) have  cut this song from their CDs. Just the demo, itself, received a great deal of comments which caused the song’s release to be delayed.

Hoang Hai also shared that many of his friends even convinced him not to release the track. His manager, musician Nguyen Minh Son, admitted, “The song, itself, is no problem, but it will definitely raise a lot of controversy in the 8x/9x community.”

Both adds that “although many people won’t be satisfied with “Hotgirl”, they went ahead and released it full force anyway as the song was not intended to be scandalous .”

Anyway, here’s the first of its kind…the “Hotgirl” song (lol) composed by Manh Quan & Hoang Hai:

Call me oblivious but,  I, honestly, cannot point out this “controversial” detail that everyone else is busy speculating over. Subject wise, the song reminds me of a modern, mainstream version of “You in My Eyes” by Nguyen Duc Cuong. Anyone else see it?