As we’ve all been previously informed, the beautiful miss Huynh Thanh Tuyen will unexpectedly get to don the white dress in about 2 weeks. Although many are interested in knowing who’s on the guest list, most, of course, are more interested in who this mysterious groom will be. Disturbingly enough, it’s this old fart to the left, below:

huynh thanh tuyen husband
Beauty & the beast dai gia–Nguyễn Quang Minh

I think I just lost every bit of respect I had for this girl. I mean, if it really was “love” then may my sincerest blessings go to her and the lucky bastard. But chances are slim when 1. the man’s 49 (more than twice her age; Tuyen is 22), 2. he’s the president of Cát Tiên Sa Company, a key player in most of anything media-related in VietNam, and 3. just look at that receding hairline! Apparently, Tuyen was also recently invited to represent VietNam in  this year’s Miss Earth pageant,  but turned down the grand offer because of her wedding. Well, that’s one way to kill a career.