Yes, that’s Khong Tu Quynh, Noo Phuoc Thinh, Chi Thien, Baggio, Ngo Kien Huy, and Wanbi Tuan Anh all  in the same picture and all giving the birthday girl–Dong Nhi,  a big fat hug.

Even though her birthday was on the 13th, it wasn’t until October 16th, that Nhi was finally able to host her offline FC mini show. As promised, the show started at 8:30 PM located in the Phuong Nam bookstore cafe  with a  special duet medley featuring V-Pop’s most popular hotboys: Ngo Kien Huy, Wanbi Tuan Anh and Noo Phuoc Thinh.

First it was Ngo Kien Huy.


And then, there was Wanbi Tuan Anh.

Love is in the air with Noo…(damn lucky girl)


Next, Baggio wanted to give the birthday girl a hug but because everyone else got jealous, they all dove in for a group hug instead. I find that just too cute:)

Can’t see Chi Thien behind Khong Tu Quynh? Here he is.

Khong Tu Quynh also gives Dong Nhi a sweet 1-on-1 hug.

..and as a best friend should, Quynh proceeded to serenade Dong Nhi with the birthday song.

But yet another surprise came when Dong Nhi and Baggio pulled a “hand in hand” duet performance of her hit song Loi Thu Toi Ngot Ngao/A sweet confession.”

dong nhi baggio

More pictures of Dong Nhi and guests:



Dong Nhi chose Ngo Kien Huy over Noo Phuoc Thinh? Lol


dong nhi (6)

Noo Phuoc Thinh brings out the cake

dong nhi (14)

Hanoi's famous hotgirl, Thanh Tam (Tam Tit), was surprisingly spotted at the party, too.

Anyway, Happy belated Birthday to Dong Nhi. She must’ve had one heck of a night. The girl was practically smiling from ear to ear!