akon manh ninh

In a recent “Pepsi Talent Show VietNam 2009” singing competition held in Lan Anh, HCMC, Dinh Manh Ninh, a member of VietNam’s favorite underground vocalist group–M4U, managed to outshine 9 other contestants making him the night’s final winner. In gaining this honor, Ninh also received a plane ticket to the US where he will meet Akon and many other international stars to record a song called “Global Hit“–a collaboration project intended  to help spread love to the less fortunate children in Africa.

Ninh, born 1989, is currently a senior majoring in Music & Vocals at the College of Culture & Performing Arts in Hanoi. He is also 2008’s winner of the “Tiếng ca học đường/Student’s Singing Voice” competition and has been a familiar contestant in the “Bai Hat Viet/Viet songs” music show–a TV program honoring top original songs and song writers.

In addition to this news, we also have a recent video of M4U with the new member performing their #1 hit song “Tan Bien/Dissapear”.

m4u (2)