Baby Chi Thien & mom back in Thailand

Not because he doesn’t love her, but because he loves her.

If that makes any sense.

In a recent interview pertaining to National VietNamese Women’s Day, Thien reveals that he doesn’t like giving his mom flowers because they are too formal and their beauty is only physical/non-lasting. On this day, Thien would always get his mom food or something that will be useful around the house later on, instead. Last year, heย  surprised his mom with a skirt that she “secretly” wanted but did not buy because of its high price tag.(aw)


Chi Thien (2nd from right) mom, sister, & brother

Thien, then, continues to imply that he is practically a momma’s boy…which, btw, is not necessarily a turnoff, ladies.

“Every day at exactly 5, my mom would get wake up and run around the house doing exercises. Usually, I would still be asleep, but if I just slightly open my eyes and see that familiar figure, I would feel very at peace. She also sleeps at the same time everyday. If we were having a conversation and it’s suddenly 10 PM, I would turn around and see her flat out asleep.

My mom is the most important person to me, without her there in the mornings, there would be no breakfast, without her there at night, there’s no one to talk to. She understands everything about me, and I’m very proud to have her. I’d only want her to live a long healthy life so that she could be by my side.”

That is just too adorable.