Here’s a random little Google search-off inspired by 2!Sao.

Between the following stars, who do you think will generate a larger number of search results?

1. Hotgirl Elly Tran Ha vs. Hotboy Chan Than San (Tran Thanh Son)

Picnik collageelly tran ha chan than san google

That was a little obvious. As widely known as Elly is nowadays, her perfect-figure fame still has yet to beat Chan Than Son’s long-time fame of…well, plastic surgery rumors.

2. Old school balladeers: Hien Thuc vs. Hong Nhung

Picnik collagehien thuc hong nhung google

Hong Nhung won by a land slide most likely for her many scandals. That, or her name must be very common thus racking up more search results.

3. The Truong songsters: Lam Truong vs. Dan Truong

Picnik collagelam turong dan truong google

Ever since the dawn of time, these two have constantly been compared, and soo…let it  be known that Lam Truong won this round.

4. VietNamese-American singers: Cat Tien vs. Nhu Loan

Picnik collagecat tien nhu loan google

Because these 2 are best friends, you’d usually end up mentioning them, one right after the other. We’re thinking Nhu Loan received more search results for her mild resemblance to Paris Hilton. Anyone else see it?

5. Singer Wanbi Tuan Anh vs. Actor Saetti Baggio

Big209baggio & wanbi google

Although now following in 2 different paths, these 2 were after all once on the same road; both starting out as teen models. There’s no surprise in a singer having more web results than a hotboy.

6. Pop divas: My Tam vs. Ho Ngoc Ha

Picnik collagemy tam ho ngoc ha google

Ho Ngoc Ha has the supermodel stage presence. My Tam has the pop-tastic voice. Both are very well loved. Both are also very often compared. Despite that, Ho Ngoc Ha’s recent popularity boom is still no match for My Tam’s inveterate fame.

7. Well-respected vocalist groups: AC&M vs. M4U

Picnik collageac&m  m4u google

M4U is often mentioned as AC&M’s 8x counterpart. Again, there’s no surprise that the veteran A Capella group would have more search results than their juniors.

8. Xi-tin singers: Dong Nhi vs. Khong Tu Quynh

khong tu quynh dong nhi google

Also as best friends, who debuted nearly the same time as each other, Dong Nhi is generally the “quality” (talented in composing & singing) whereas Khong Tu Quynh is generally the “quantity” (targeting more audiences). Ironically, the “quality” spits out a bigger number.

9. Renowned crooners: Quang Dung vs. Ha Anh Tuan

Picnik collagequang dung ha anh tuan

Actually, there’s not much of a comparability between these 2 other than the fact that they’re both male singers who “kindof” share the same genre….”kindof” (Quang dung has a more romantic voice, Ha Anh Tuan has a more powerful voice).  But yea, Quang Dung wins. The End.