minh tuan kim nu

As we all know, A# officially called it quits earlier last month in September. After the release of “Dung/Don’t” and the duet “Van Bai Hat Ay/Always Been That Song” with Trinh Thang Binh, the former La Thang leader had decided to take a break before focusing on his new plans.


Now, Tuan A#’s fans don’t have to wait any longer; his new come back plan is here, featuring his own little sister’s debut. Nữ Kim was born on the Dec. 14, 1990 and has modeled for many teen magazines. Her plan is to follow the R&B genre.

Before La Thang’s split, Minh Tuan had already scheduled for Nu Kim to sing with La Thang but of course her debut was delayed up unil now.

Minh Tuan’s plans also include his new solo album titled “Zero One” to be released on his birthday Dec 1st. A DVD is also in production entitled “My Nhan Dai Chien/War of Beauties“.

For now let’s enjoy the sibling’s duet, “Noi Nho”.

PS: Van Bai Hat Ay – Trinh Thanh Binh ft. Minh Tuan (composed by Trinh thang Binh)