ho ngoc ha Eduard Kazanov

Looks like Ms. Hotstuff reeled in a mighty fine fish.

Ever since Ho Ngoc Ha‘s “First Single” was released, many people have been curious as to who the goodlookin’ model in her “Yeu Thuong Nhat Nhoa” music video was. So for the record, the hunk’s name is Eduard Kazanov–a Russian actor turned businessman/part-time model who eventually found his calling in VietNam.

After doing “this and that” in various places all over Europe and Asia, a friend of his, named Tommy Trần proposed that he join him in a few of his projects in VietNam. Thinking this was a great idea & opportunity,  Eduard packed his bags and made a move to Saigon. From there, he and Tran established a modeling agency called Tsquared.

eduard ho ngoc ha

– Since you’re working here, what are your feelings about VietNamese people?

I love them. Everyone’s always warm and honest. What I like the most is that in relationships, everyone’s really straightforward. When they like someone, they’ll confess it. When they don’t, they’ll “say goodbye” (? lol) to not waste any time. That’s just from observing my VietNamese friends.

– What about food?

I really like the food here too. The taste is really special and there’s alot of diversity like Pho, Hu Tieu, all the Banh (baked deserts) and more that I can’t remember the name of. *smiles* The weather in Saigon is good for me too cause it’s just summer year round. I have many friends I cherish here. Right now, Saigon is like my second home, so I’ll try to be a good citizen.

-Why did you accept to be in the MV?

Ha is a wonderful person and I consider her as a good friend. We don’t have time to learn more about each other because she’s a person dedicated to ‘work’, and rarely get to hang out with friends. I feel that she is a true artist who is very busy but still finds the time to care for everyone else around her. I greatly admire what she has achieved for herself. Moreover she is extremely beautiful, how can anyone decline an offer to work with someone like her? *big smile*

– If it’s possible, would you date her?

She’s every man’s dream, and not just the ones in VietNam. I’ve even met her parents, and truly, they’re very nice. We had a lot of great times together while shooting for the MV. She’s very talented; she knows what she wants and how to get it. Her voice mesmerizes many people while her performances can attract. I have high hopes for her. She’s still young and will go far.

So, we’re definitely hearing a lot of compliments praising the popstar. But in the last question, is anyone else unsatisfied with the obvious “beating around the bush” technique? C’mon Eduard, we just want to know if there’s a possibility for you guys to actually hit it off.

Aanyway, check out the pair in “Yeu Thuong nhat Nhoa”

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