New pictures of the overly friendly couple at Dan Truong‘s scripted wedding have emerged and this time, fueling even more speculations over whether or not these two are ‘onscreen lovers turned real life lovers’.

dong nhi baggio couple (3)
Notice the arm wrapped around the shoulder.

The body language might’ve said a lot, but what exactly did Dong Nhi say?

“If there are feelings, it would have to take a very long time for to develop because although Baggio and I have alot in common, we also have too many differences. I only want us to be friends so that we can hangout freely, without feeling uncomfortable…”

But, after this, and this, and this, will that one simple statement actually make a difference in toning down their fan’s’ wild imaginations? …Of course not.

More pictures from Nhat Quy Nhi Ma:

dong nhi baggio

nhat quy nhi ma

nhat quy nhi ma (3)

dong nhi baggio couple (2)

nhat quy nhi ma (2)


nhat quy nhi ma (4)


In other news, the drama was recently asked by a HCMC broadcasting company, HTV, to change it’s name due to its “sensitive” implied meaning; Nhat Quy, Nhi Ma = Devil’s First, Ghosts Second, with the understood meaning that students are third in rank on this ‘scary’ scale. The proposition was brought up claiming that the production’s name is too harsh on students. No further information on the name change has been revealed, but so far, the cast and filmmakers seem very unhappy with this request.