Not only did she reveal plans for an upcoming music video featuring one song from “Try2Up“, the girl will  apparently also play an epic cameo role in a new Tet-time feature.

Epic as in, this  18-yr-old will be playing a pop singer called “Dâu Teen” whose boyfriend is the 40-yr-old comedian Hoai Linh (intended for comedic effects). Quynh revealed that the reason she agreed to take part in the movie was because of her admiration for Hoai Linh.

The new anticipated Tet movie called “Công Chúa Teen Và Ngũ Hổ Tướng/Teen Princess and  the 5 Brave Generals“, produced by Phuoc Sang Company, will include the participation of 5 famous comedian-actors: Hoài Linh, Tấn Beo, Hiếu Hiền, Chí Tài, & Mạnh Tràng as the 5 clumsy bodyguards. Bao Thy & Yen Trang will also be playing the 2 main characters.

Although Khong Tu Quynh‘s film shooting is scheduled for only a short 4 days as she will only be playing cameo, Quynh assures that her appearance will be very memorable.


Khong Tu Quynh hangs out with NewGen's new members: Annie, Sophie, & Ngo Kinh Lam

In other news, with the success of her latest underground-influenced album, Khong Tu Quynh and company are currently hinting a music video for either “I Cry” or  “Sad RnB“. Because both are extremely successful  hits, the final decision  between these 2 tracks was apparently too hard to make.  In conclusion, Khong Tu Quynh & Co. will be keeping an eye out for any online suggestions and comments made by fans, regarding which song to chose. So here’s your chance… which song would you like to see with a music video?

I Cry (composed by Tonny Viet)

RnB Buon (composed by OnlyC)