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So will everyone just let it go?

Apparently not, seeing as to how the “Stop Bao Thy” petition created by dedicated Antis have now reached 9000+ signatures. (We know we promised….but seems like that post just won’t be happening :/ Most people should already get the gist of the whole situation right? Some, more than others, but sorry, we’ve all been a little busy.)

Even with all the wrong facts clearly printed on the  main initiative, people are just eager to do anything to make this girl quit doing covers. Don’t get us wrong, VietChannel signed too, but isn’t it a little late considering before that, the girl already announced she would only be singing originals? Or perhaps this was just the perfect little incident to  finally tip over that first domino in the series?

Whatever it is, I’m sure Bao Thy’s thinking “Why not use all of this free publicity from the recent Lenka scandal to my advantage by releasing a new single and music video?”

And that is exactly what she’s doing. We’re not sure if this is what you call good or bad timing but, hey, October’s been a busy month for her: Scandal, 2 new singles, “Bao Dem Em Khoc” still a #1 hit on Zing’s Chart  (3rd consecutive week), MV, and starring in a new Tet movie? Busy indeed.

Anyway, check out “Ngoc Nghech/Stupid” (composed by Nguyen Hai Phong), the latest release in which  Thy & co. is currently filming for:

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