That surely explains why he wasn’t at that film fest to accept his award.

Like many sources reported in the past week, Dustin Nguyen, although not there in person, managed to bring home a huge honor from China’s Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, on this past October, 16.

But the surprising part is, most of the production company including Dustin didn’t even know about this. After finding out, it was only through an email that he was informed about what the award/festival was.

Approved by the central government and reputed as China’s top film gala, the China Film Golden Rooster Awards and the Mass Film Hundred Flowers Awards are two permanent national art awards (now unified into 1 big film festival), with a long history and a great influence in China’s film industry. Besides the appraisal and awarding ceremony, the national grand event launches a series of cultural activities every year, including the appraisal of awards, the exhibition of Chinese and foreign new films, the academic seminars, the film trade fair, international cultural exchanges and entertainment performances.

Check out the trailer showcasing a little bit of the autistic character he assumes in Huyen Thoai Bat Tu/ The Legend is Alive produced by Wonderboy & Phuoc Sang.