With names like Hoài Linh, Chí Tài, Tấn Beo, Hiếu Hiền, Mạnh Tràng, Bảo Thy, Yến Trang, Khổng Tú Quỳnh, Đông Nhi, Noo Phước Thịnh, Chí Thiện, Ngô Kiến Huy, Ưng Hoàng Phúc, and more all in the same production, will everyone be able to handle it?

Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Snow White’s Diary, for one, might not.

Now, recognized as the official #1 Tet-time competitor of Snow White’s Diary, Teen Princess & the 5 Generals have  garnered an overwhelmingly immense amount of attention in just the past few days. Amidst what a number of the  casted stars, themselves, have revealed via personal interviews & hot gossip sources, fans have been on an  endless rummage to dig up more information.

Yen Trang as popstar Jannet Thu, (Bao Thy's main competition), Bao Thy, Kim Thu, & Khong Tu Quynh as "Dau Teen" (spinoff of her former debut image)

To their ease, the movie’s press conference, held yesterday, answered many curiosities.

In the movie, Bao Thy will be playing a famous popstar protagonist named Britney Bich dubbed “The Teen Princess”, who because of her huge success, also gains a large number of haters (lol, double take?). To protect her from the vicious antis, the singer’s agency ends up having to hire bodyguard after bodyguard to look after her 24/7. Due to her mood swings and haughty personality,  Britney eventually drives each and everyone one of them away. But one day when she was coincidentally rescued by 5 passerbys (Hoài Linh, Chí Tài, Tấn Beo, Mạnh Tràng, Hiếu Hiền), the men unexpectedly gets hired as her bodyguards.

From there, it was teased that many humorous scenes will act out and with the 5 comical bodyguards at Britney’s  side, the moody, frustrated popstar will begin to change for the better.

Chi Thien (Tam) as Bao Thy (Britney Bich)'s romantic side story

Besides the team of singers and comedians, NSƯT Bảo Quốc, NSƯT Việt Anh, Hoàng Sơn, Tấn Bo, as well as Phước Sang (President of the movie’s producing company), himself, will also be taking on supporting/cameo roles. It was said that a total number of 40 famous faces will be featured in this Tet-time film.

In addition, Dong Nhi will once again play a major role in the movie’s OST.

Khong cameos as singer Dau Teen & Ung Hoang Phuc shaves head for an antagonistic role as Lãng tử phiêu bồng (roughly translated as a 'wanderer' but not literally a hobo)

So, if Britney & Tam is a future couple, we're guessing that the 2 antags.--Jannet Thu & Lang Tu--will also be hitting it off...

Check out more pictures from the presscon.