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Despite Bao Thy‘s “Bao Dem Em Khoc” refusing to budge from that #1 spot, at least we’re finally seeing something new on the list…even if it’s only once in a blue moon.

“Bao Dem Em Khoc/Each Night I Cry” – Bao Thy (composed by Nhat Trung)

“Khuat Xa” – Khong Tu Quynh ft OnlyC (composed by OnlyC)

“Mim Cuoi Khi Anh Ra Di/Smiling When You Left” – Dong Nhi (composed by Nhat Trung)

“Chuyen Tinh Duoi Mua/Love Story Under the Rain” – Tan Khanh (composed by Nguyen Van Chung)

“Chi La Giac Mo/Only a Dream” – Microwave (composed by Microwave) (from their recently released Vol 2. “Thoi Gian/Time”)

Yea, woah, what? A rock song from a real rock band in mainstream? As a veteran Microwave-fan, I couldn’t be anymore proud. Actually, yes I could. But we’ll probably just have to wait for those little Bao Thy fans to get sick of “Bao Dem Em Khoc“. So until then, go and show your support (if you like the song) by giving it more plays.