Although yesterday’s gala “Ngoi Sao Thoi Trang/Fashion Star” (held Oct. 30) was mainly a fashion event, the appearances of many singers eventually turned the show into something more musical.

Not only were there performances from Thủy Tiên, Đông Nhi, Khổng Tú Quỳnh, Noo Phước Thịnh, Chí Thiện, Đại Nhân, Hòa Mi (Youth Entertainment‘s vocal trainer training artists like Noo Phuoc Thinh, Chi Thien, Dai Nhan, and Bang Di), Thiên Minh, Băng Di, and underground artist OnlyC, the event also served as a mini debut stage for hotgirl Sam, actress Tường Vi and NewGen‘s new pop group “Radio“.


Radio (Ngo Kinh Lam, Sophie, and Annie) showcases some cool dance moves. (Except we couldn't find any videos. Just wait for a live debut on The Gioi Vpop or something..)

Thuy Tien and Noo Phuoc Thinh also fulfilled their promise with the highly anticipated duet. The song, composed by Thuy Tien called “Quay Ve Di/Go Back“, will be on the soundtrack for Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc starring Luong Manh Hai, Minh Hang, Thuy Tien and Lam Truong.


Chi Thien, Khong Tu Quynh and Dai Nhan introduce a remix medley of KTQ’s “Lanh/Cold”, Dai Nhan’s “Doi/Wait”, and Chi Thien’s “Mot lan thoi/Just Once”.

Khong Tu Quynh is a cop for Halloween


Boy looks a tad too giddy

Y.E’s two pairs, Chi Thien-Hoa Mi and Dai Nhan-Band Di, also appeared for the first time on stage together.


Chi Thien & Hoa Mi get romantic for "Mot lan thoi/Just once".


...While Dai Nhan & Bang Di give a smoking hot performance with Het Yeu/Stopped loving.

Hotgirl Sam and actress Tuong Vi surprised everyone with their singing abilities in madam Hoa Mi‘s hit single: “Mo/Dream“.

Dong Nhi and Noo Phuoc Thinh with the chart topper “Neu/If“.

Dong Nhi livens up the ballad-filled atmosphere with the hit remix of “Boi Roi/Confused”.


Thuy Tien displays her long distance love for Cong Vinh with the new self composed song, “Chang Trai Thang 12/December Boy”.


Chi Thien and Noo Phuoc Thinh change for their solos:

Love Noo’s shot:

Thien Minh with his newly released song: “Ngu ngo/Silly”

Only C, singer and composer of many of Khong Tu Quynh's latest hits.

Khong Tu Quynh is sad for “R&B buon/Sad R&B”.



More from the night:


Pe Sam puts on a skit for the fashion show

pe sam

pe sam (2)



Yeah1 MCs, hb Thai Trung, hg Pe Sam, & hb Ngo Kinh Lam