Picnik collage

After rolling for 3 days, the producers of Cong Chua Teen & Ngu Ho Tuong/Teen Princess & the 5 Brave Generals have suddenly decided to replace Dong Nhi with Kelly Tu Anh, an internet phenom turned perhaps most famous hotgirl in Saigon turned Miss Teen 08’s Miss Photogenic turned Tim Cat Vu‘s lover and recently turned…singer.

In addition to the lengthy list of occupations, Kelly will also, now, be playing one of the 2 seductive roles in this film while the other is being portrayed by the leading antagonist Yen Trang.

This is a quite special role as Kelly will become Bao Thy‘s stepmother while actually being younger than the Teen Princess herself. Coincidentally, this is not her first time in playing a sexy bombshell. In a future TV series  called Buoc Chan Hoan Vu/Miss Universe’s Footsteps, which will broadcast in January 2011, Kelly will play a pageant contestant who hates “Dai Gias”–the main difference between Miss Universe’s Footsteps and Teen Princess & the 5 Brave Generals where she will be a Dai Gia’s second wife.

Check out her new pictures with Thien Minh (duet partner):