Tomorrow at about 1 PM (October 31st), many will get the once in a lifetime chance to see a dozen of our Vpop men including Hoang Bach, Duy Manh, Le Minh, The Men, Hieu Hien, Ung Hoang Phuc, Akira Phan, Tim Cat Vu, and more, join efforts in a soccer team called “V-pop” to take on an actual professional team  (randomly selected by Vinagame) in HCMC.

In this busy autumn, the  “Writing Love” program created by Vinagame, a charity organization especially dedicated to helping HIV-positive children, had previously brought many emotionally-touching moments to these infected children in Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Giang, and Hanoi. It was also since then, that the organization received a wave of nationwide support coming from thousands of young people interested in the cause.

Following the successful function, the friendly soccer match–proposed for the same meaningful cause–will see the attendance of nearly a hundred celebrity onlookers including singers, actors/actresses, hotboys/girls, and community gamers.

Team Vpop’s leader, Ung Hoang Phuc, shares that, today, he will play a striker. “As of yesterday, V-pop’s tactical plans have been altered due to Le Hoang &  Tien Dung’s last minute cancellation for not being able to make it back to HCMC in time. Despite that, we finally found suitable replacements for these defensive positions–group Huyen Thoai”.

Team Vinagame’s leader, Le Ngoc Quoc Trung, on the other hand, only manged to express his fanboy excitement over the guest appearances of female stars like Tra My Idol and hotgirl Sam, Kelly, & Tam Tit..

After the match, all team members will sign the playing ball which will then be auctioned off. In addition, the guest stars will also be doing little side activities to  help with fundraising. All proceeds from this event will be  presented to the kids during the final ceremony of “Writing Love” held in November.