wanbi tuan anh

After the death of Wanbi‘s father this  summer, concerned fans observed that the once bubbly teen singer has been looking rather tired and exhausted. Although it seems as if he has finally recovered from the mental stress with his  more lively stage performances despite the heavy dark circles still under his eyes, what people were  totally unaware of before was the fact that the boy was actually suffering from hypophysoma–a pituitary tumor which also pressed on his optic nerves nearly blinding him!

According to his manager, Wanbi’s worst symptom was weight gain and double vision. Apparently his surgery was supposed to take place in September but because of his blocked up schedule, Wanbi postponed this life threatening surgery to a whole month later on October 5th. …O.O

But of course that was nearly a month ago and his 3-hour tumor removal operation went perfectly well.  He was even caught playing video games shortly after he woke up.

Wanbi has been fully discharged from the Chợ Rẫy (HCM) hospital for about 2 weeks now, and has even made a sudden comeback (other than Dong Nhi‘s b-day party and such) at the Hoa Nhip Ban Tre concert in Hanoi this past Halloween weekend.

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Coming back from Hanoi, he and co. have released the master version of “Vut Mat/Sudden Loss” which made it’s live debut at Hoa Nhip Ban Tre (last month’s airing). The song, composed by Wanbi, will also be on his upcoming DVD single. 

A few pictures from Hoa Nhip Ban Tre:

wanbi tuan anh (3)

wanbi tuan anh (2)

Wanbi still looks somewhat tired…

hoa nhip ban tre (5)

So, we’re relieved to hear that he is all out and about and doing fine now, but uh… let’s hope the boy takes better care of himself from now on and doesn’t continue to overload on work to a state of collapse like the countless number of Vpop stars we’ve been hearing of nowadays …