Music Faces’ little rapper is following suit in the foot steps of her senior–Ho Ngoc Ha, already.Not just Ho Ngoc Ha, but many big artists nowadays who has had a familiar record for nonpunctuality like……Dong Nhi and Minh Hang to point out a popular  few. But then again, it has been said, “Không ăn đậu không phải Mễ, không đi trễ,   không phải người Việt Nam.”

It was revealed that  Suboi’s debut album, originally set for release in late September, is still in the process of recording.

“Right now, I won’t make any more promises because, originally, the plan was to release the album by September, but in the process of recording, there was 1 or 2 songs that didn’t please me enough, so I dropped them and wrote new ones as replacement. I will announce a specific date when the the recordings are ready.”

Check out the demos:

ft. Phuong Vy

When asked if she was worried for the album’s success since  audiences listening to rap in the Vietnamese market are very limited, Suboi tersely responded, “If no one makes a road, then how would there be a road? If you’re not brave enough, how would you succeed in the industry?”

suboi & rapsoul