When reminded of the unnecessary scandal caused by her so called ‘hot’ scenes in Trieu Hoang‘s MV earlier this summer, a question was raised asking if she was at all worried that another scandal would break out with her new role in the 110-ep long TV series Co Nang Toc Roi/Messy Haired Girl as a girl named Bong Sen who has been raped, impregnated, deceived, and worse?

Although the character’s fate is like that, this will be a national airing TV series so of course these sensitive topics will be raised carefully.  Not to mention, I already feel very in-touch with my character’s fate. Just ask that if there really was someone suffering from such problems,  would people really have the heart to go around saying that she is only creating scandals for herself? Why is it that when the actors/actresses are  only trying to play their role well that they are said to be doing “scandalous” things? That’s just too hard to understand.

I only want to play my character well and simply bring the audience something convincing. I  just hope that through all the adversities, the girl that I’m playing will always stand firm and beautiful in the eyes of audiences.

Some of the impact might be lost through translations, but definitely count on it that her answer was very well-formulated and wise, giving the reporter a run for his words. As one of our most talented, intelligent, and well-rounded quote unquote hotgirls,  many are excited to see her portray such a psychologically-complicated character. Do you think she’ll be able to pull it off?