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It’s about time.

NewGen’s new pop group consists of 2 female members, Annie & Sophie who was once in the girl group Sugar, and 1 male member, Ngo Kinh Lam–a famous Hoa Hoc Tro & Muc Tim (teen magazines) model.  Because Sophie & Annie have already  proved their vocal abilities in the summer hit “Nhung Canh Hoa Tro Ve“, fans were only anxious to hear what their beloved coughcough hotboy would sound like. And to their disappointment, they’ll just have to continue waiting since the group’s new debut single “Dem/Night” is not exactly what one would consider a legit vocal-showcase. Despite it lacking an extra POW, at least the song’s still mildly catchy–something we might as well expect, considering their music will be  supervised by OnlyC and Kim Phước, the 2 main musicians in charge of Khong Tu Quynh’s successful online album, “Try2Up”.

2 years ago, all 3 members had tried out for NewGen‘s music Star Search where Thành Dương, now known as Ngo Kien Huy, was also once a contestant (but is now under the more old-school mainstream-friendly company, Music Box). The group was publicized about 3 months ago and previously made their debut at the Ngoi Sao Thoi Trang/Fashion Star finals on October 30th.


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While nothing else was revealed, it was said that Radio will cameo in Khong Tu Quynh‘s new MV to be released November 22.

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L-R: Annie, Kinh Lam, Sophie


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