cong chua teen & ngu ho tuong

Like… this tight: *crosses fingers*

Well, we already knew Dong Nhi & Khong Tu Quynh were biffles for liffles/aeaeaeae but apparently, the other 2 , Chi Thien & Noo Phuoc Thinh, have also just joined the circle as it was reported that these 4 were practically like  day and night (+ evening & afternoon?) throughout their whole PR event held last Thursday at the Lê Thị Riêng park for their big Tet-time comedy–“Teen Princess & The 5 Generals”.

On the other hand, Kelly (Dong Nhi‘s replacement; Dong Nhi will still be in charge of the movie’s OST), seems to have also made new friends….except with possibly the wrong side of Vpop considering the large following of antis Yen Trang & Bao Thy both have. But that’s ok, seeing as to how Kelly is probably one of the sweetest & most genuine girls anyone will ever meet, despite the non-friendly 1st impression she tends to give off.

L-R: Kelly, Yen Trang, & Bao Thy

And you thought your high-school scene was clique-y..

So while the quartet & the trio were busily keeping themselves company, Hieu Hien, ole cute self, also made a new friend.

Hieu Hien jokes around with Phuoc Sang (the movie’s producer)’s wife, Kim Thu
Noo Phuoc Thinh (far left) & Ngo Kien Huy (far right)
cong chua teen & ngu ho tuong (2)
Tấn Beo
cong chua teen & ngu ho tuong (3)
Chí Tài
Ung Hoang Phuc needs to either finish buttoning up his shirt or consider wearing one that actually fits.

The event attracted hundreds of fans all gathering in to catch a glimpse of the movie’s highly anticipated idol cast.

cong chua teen & ngu ho tuong (4)

cong chua teen & ngu ho tuong (5)