In a new duet single reuniting the hilarious Ngo Kien Huy and Dong Nhi couple titled “Nghi Ngo/Suspicions“, Justin Nguyen was also featured with his own little rap number.

@ 2:14

So this is what he returned to the motherland for?

To continue making random no-flow raps? When will the boy just get that there are certain people in this world who were blessed with an attractive “rapping” voice, and then….well…there are the unfortunate others who no matter how hard they try, would only end up sounding like a ghetto Miley Cyrus.

But hey, god forbid Music Box really knows what’ they’re doing anyway. With Ngo Kien Huy as their main cash cow and Thanh Thao as the company’s backbone, a failing music label is probably at the least of their worries.