Encouraged by extremely high film sales in 2009, domestic producers are on the verge of completing projects for the coming Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays which fall in February next year.
With promises of fresh, innovative ideas, film makers are hoping to emulate the success of the 2009 season that included the likes of Giai Cuu Than Chet/Hot Kiss 2 and Dep Tung Centimet/Beautiful in Every Centimeter.

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While the economic crisis has affected most fields of life in Viet Nam, the film industry seems to have escaped virtually unscathed. As a result, producers started preparing in March this year, earlier than the usual May or June.

Six films will be released for the Tet holidays in February 2010 including Khi Yeu Dung Quay Dau Lai/Don’t Turn Around When In Love, Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Snow White’s Diary, Nhung Nu Hon Ruc Ro/Radiant Kisses, among others.

Snow White’s Diary, directed by Le Bao Trung, is the funny story of a girl who becomes delusional after an accident and believes that she’s Snow White. She then sets off on a bittersweet adventure with seven hired dwarfs and a fake prince.

Dan’t Turn Around When In Love tells a mysterious love story between a dancing girl and a ghost while Radiant Kisses revolves around an unsuitable love affair of a female resort owner and a hotel security guard.

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De Mai Tinh/Worry About It Tomorrow depicts the story of a famous singer who falls in love with a taxi driver while the remaining two are music-related: Bui Duong/Street Dust will be the first Vietnamese movie about HaNoi’s hip-hop scene ….

phim bui duong
Top right picture: Tung Minh from “Buoc Nhay Xi-Tin” & Duong Duong–Mai Lam from “Bo Tu10a8”
phim bui duong (2)
Bottom right: veteran actress Nhu Quynh & Miss Teen 08 contestant Hanh Sino

…and Cong Chua Teen Va Ngu Ho Tuong/Teen Princess & the 5 Generals features the many obstacles that a teenage singer and her five bodyguards have to overcome for her singing career:


khong tu quynh haoi linh cong chua teen & ngu ho tuong (15)
Khong Tu Quynh (left) & Bao Thy (right) on the set of Teen Princess & The 5 Generals

Besides interesting content, the movies will also attract audiences by the number of Tet “firsts”. These include the first romantic thriller (Don’t Turn Around When In Love) and the first musicals in the true sense of the term. It is also the first time director Nguyen Vo Nghiem Minh, who is famous for award-winning political movies, has tried his hand at commercial Tet features.

Speaking to the press, most producers have confirmed that they are trying their best to avoid repetition in this year’s Tet movies.

“At this moment, we still keep all PR strategies to introduce Tet movies in secret because unique strategies are key factors in deciding who wins,” said Phuoc Sang, director of the privately owned Phuoc Sang film studio.

Source: Thanh Nien