It’s been 4 months, already?? Where has the time gone?

On Nov. 10th at about 7:45 A.M., it was reported that Thuy Tien’s main squeeze is currently back home  by the summoning of Calisto, VietNam’s top soccer coach, to participate in the Asian Cup 2010.

At the airport, Vinh was unexpectedly greeted by of course Thuy Tien, but also later, by a special group of familiar young fans who, actually, are leukemia patients of the Trung Uong children’s hospital which Vinh often visited.

The boys got to personally give their idol an adorable handmade card that gathered all of Vinh’s old pictures from his past trips to hang out with them.

As ambassador of a blood donation program, Vinh’s meeting with the kids, arranged by the Chắp Cánh Ước Mơ/Making Dreams Come True volunteer group (a non profit organization aiming to  help young patients with cancer, physically and mentally) fulfilled duties of helping these kids regain hope and strength. For more information about the cause, check out their website at: