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Sam (Nguyen Ha My), the girl with the ideal mouth shape who most teen magazines and other print medias can’t seem to get enough of, is finally getting her break after pocketing last year’s Ngoi Sao Thoi Trang/Fashion Star first place title. In stepping down from this title, another Fashion Star, dubbed just last Halloween weekend, is already in the make and apparently is getting even more attention than the molded mouth girl, herself.

And since we all will most likely be seeing more of her in the near future, we might as well get everyone familiarized.


* Full Name: Lê Trương Ngọc Thảo
* Birthday: July 19, 1990
* School: hotel management school Việt Úc
* Hobbies: hanging out with friends at cafés, eating escargot and…sleeping.
* Previous activities in the entertainment industry: modeling, TV commercials, and a small role in Siêu mẫu xì trum/Smurf Model

When asked if she was at all intimidated by the fact that when people think of “Fashion Star” they will automatically think of Sam, Thao responded:

Because chi (sister/formal for an older female) Sam already holds a high position in the hearts of many through her many talents & abilities, I think that the 2009 Fashion Star title will also receive just as much expectations. That is the main factor that drives me to do my best by using my own abilities to leave everyone with a good lasting impression of the name Ngoc Thao – NSTT 2009.

le truong ngoc thao (3)

le truong ngoc thao (2)

le truong ngoc thao

le truong ngoc thao (4)


Picnik collage
Thao & Vu Bao are winners of this year’s NSTT competition. (Last year’s male winner was Thai Trung)

But honestly….with Sam’s huge popularity and versatile looks, will Ngoc Thao only be living in the shadows of her successful predecessor?

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Sam was featured in Ngo Kien Huy's Gia Vo Yeu/Fake Love single