Practically every news sites that have been giving updates on his “Can Gac Trong/Vacant Attic” single in the past few weeks  are actually reporting  inaccurate information?

I just wanted to make a single to the full definition of its term specifically for music lovers. The main product of “Can Gac trong“, (MV DVD + CD), will actually be widely sold for 70,000 VND per package rather than the 250,000 VND blue-ray discs that many news sources have been wrongly claiming.

My reasons for producing the HD blue-ray version of the single in which only 1000 special full packages will be launched for online orders,  is that it serves just as a special limited edition for music lovers.  I have no intentions of putting the blue-ray versions on shelves nationwide to be sold to the masses. But honestly speaking, with the number of people who own Blue Ray players or Play Station 3’s  nowadays, 250,000 VND is still considered very cheap being only about a forth of the actual price of Blue ray discs/games that are currently sold on the market.

Phuc goes on to reveal that the news of him spending 1 billion VND (about 56,000 USD) on just a single song was also exaggerated by the press. The budget was actually spent on everything from production concepts, to stylists, the final products, and even to PR marketing.

Check out the pictures from his press conference held earlier this week on Monday, Nov. 11th.

Someone please strap the man to a bed and wax those goddamn peekaboo chest hairs.

Phuc & a business partner from Singapore



With Chi Thien

4 days prior to the single’s official release date on Wednesday, Nov. 18, he will also  be performing the R&B version of “Can Gac Trong” at the “Sài Gòn Hát/Saigon Sings” concert along with other singers like Lam Trường, Hồ Ngọc Hà, Hồ Quỳnh Hương, Quang Vinh, Lương Bích Hữu, Khổng Tú Quỳnh, & Mắt Ngọc.