Girls grab a pencil!…… Ready…..??

Chi Thien

1. You have to be cute! Let’s face it…before he likes you for who you are inside, he  should at least be able to stand looking at you on the outside first. (it’s not a crime to be honest)

2.  Have a sense of Humor. Chi Thien hates awkward silences or a timid girl when he’s out on a date, so you’d have to multitask with an engaging and humorous conversation.

3.  Kitchen Skills – Learn to cook all his favorite foods. But since he loves to eat almost everything, this one shouldn’t be hard right?

4.  Talents – If one was to be the girlfriend of a popular star, one could at least have something unique that outshines everyone else. According to Chi Thien, being able to carry a good tune with some sexy dance moves will surely capture his heart. Start practicing!! ( I wonder if this means number 4 trumps 1-3?)

5. Concern for his well-being – As automatically listed in their occupation, stars like attention and Chi Thien isn’t an exception. He likes being taken care of so having a girlfriend that truly cares for him is key.

And there it is, everything you need to be Chi Thien’s ideal girl. Goodluck!