We are, too.

For those that have been dying to hear something relatively up to date, consider your wish granted. But just as a heads up, the following list is purely based on my personal taste of mainstream, therefore I am very sorry if none of these songs are actually to your liking. Maybe next time we’ll do a poll or something…but for the time being, let’s start with the list:

5. Dem – Radio
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So, NewGen might not be the most original music agency in Vpop when it comes to  the trivial little things, but hey, props to them for at least being original with their music unlike Music Box and Y.E. Not to mention, their latest collaboration with the underground musician OnlyC is also quite genius…just as long as Ngo Kinh Lam can, first, improve his vocals, I’ll gladly admit that Radio does have potential.

4. Lot Xac/Shedding  – Nguyen Hai Phong
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To most people, the song  might be very awkward  and strange at first (y’know…with the Engrish and all o.O)… but something about it is really unique and addicting.  As a famous composer with hits like “Goc Toi/Dark Corner”,  “Tan Bien/Dissapear” – M4U, “Nhung Canh Hoa Tro Ve” – Sugar, “Doi Mat/Your Eyes” – Wanbi, etc… the man have yet to fail in delivering.

3. Vut Mat – Wanbi
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After facing his father’s death and nearly his own, it was uncertain when, if ever, Wanbi will be making a comeback. But it seems that experiencing the harsh realities of life only made him stronger as the boy has recently been able to compose more hits based on the previous ups and downs he’s been through. In other plans, Wanbi is also getting ready for the release of his Vol 2. DVD.

2. Tro Ve Ngay Xa Xua/Returning to the Past – Pham Anh Khoa
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It was either this song or his Vol 2. title track–“Lam Sao Noi Het/How to Say Everything”. Personally, I liked “Lam Sao Noi Het” better, but because he looks so attractive in this music video, I couldn’t resist.

1. Khong Quay Tro Lai/No Returning – Tra My
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Should I even explain why this song topped my chart? From impressive vocals (as expected from Phuong Vy’s toughest competition in VN idol 07) to stage performance, Tra My is one of the more underrated talents overshadowed by the hectic music market today. To many people’s surprise, her tomboyish comeback with “Khong Quay Tro Lai” was much better than anyone expected. The new striking image definitely suits her.

And just for the heck of it, honorable mention goes to Hoa Mi’s cute collaboration of “Mo/Dream” with hotgirl Sam & actress Tuong Vy from the the Ngoi Sao Thoi Trang/Fashion Star event. The song is so damn catchy that I actually caught myself singing and dancing to it in the shower (see, I usually don’t sing in the shower….just dance)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Have a favorite new song? Tell us! With your inputs, we might consider doing this more often…