Shocking, indeed. Considering her career is going so well, why decide to throw it all away now?

The official statement that her manager, Dang Phuong, provided Kenh14 with was that “This is something no one was expecting, but in the upcoming time Dong Nhi might have to end her singing career and step out of the entertainment world.”

When asked if there were any specific reasons behind Nhi’s possible decision to withdraw from the limelight, Phuong answered that the high chance of Dong Nhi having to end her career is possibly due to the fact that she cannot cope with the pressures of showbiz and other family related issues. Right now, Phuong is hoping that fans will show their support for Nhi during this iffy period so that she will be swayed to continue her career.

However, the final explanation from Dong Nhi, herself, will not be made until November, 18th. In the mean time, let’s hope the girl knows what she’s doing and choose what’s best.

Dong Nhi with "Loi Thu Ngot Ngao/A Sweet confession" at the recent H2Teen concert in Hanoi this past weekend.