And this time, revealing much more than necessary.

ho ngoc ha

On Nov. 14 during the night of the “Sai Gon Hat/Saigon Sings” concert held in Lan Anh HCMC, VietNam’s  Queen of Advertisement was once again caught on stage wearing….rather strange… clothing.

ho ngoc ha (2)

So the woman must’ve worked her butt off on-stage giving nothing short of a flaming hot performance, but it’s not even so much the ‘sequins and rhinestones on nude’ that ruined the image. Instead,  the fact that her bra  constantly played peekaboo and the too-short one-piece apparel which insisted on revealing her pantyhose’s thigh panel (something clearly not meant to be revealed) was just uncalled for.

See for yourself:



ho ngoc ha (3)