Singers are turning their back on expensive album productions and costly promotions, and instead, turning to online album releases….because of Khong Tu Quynh?

The success of “online singers” Bao Thy, Thuy Chi, Mr. Siro, Akira Phan, Noo Phuoc Thinh and MU4 is ensuring people to notice and finally taking the phenomenon seriously. Even established artists are now seeing it as a way to grow their careers cost effectively.

Young fans who are long accustomed to surfing for pop trivia and tour dates are now also turning to the net to download their favorite songs. And with ‘bootlegging’ always bound to be a problem, artists are now taking advantage of the situation instead of endlessly fighting against it. Uploading new songs on the internet is a perfect choice for young singers to advertise their products and names.

The average cost for an album is several hundreds of million VND. Meanwhile, it costs nothing for singers to upload their songs online. They only need to choose a prestigious website to post their songs while still making money through ring tone requests and online ads.

Singer Khong Tu Quynh has spent a lot of money advertising her first album “Strawberry Story”. But after deciding to introduce her second mini album “Try to Up” on the social network Zingmp3, the online album’s success recently began a trend.

A former member of AXN band, and founder of Thien Thi Corp, Nguyen Nhat Trung, is, now, advertising his latest produced album “Top Download Series 1” on ZingMP3, while Ngo Kien Huy did the same with his “Cham Tay Vao Uoc Mo/Touching Your Dreams” online album.

Also in Khong Tu Quynh’s footsteps is pop star Ung Hoang Phuc, who will be yet another artist to deliver an album via Zingmp3.

Delivering online albums have become a smart move for young singers when the chances of making it big can be slim as they offer almost the same chances of fame but without the massive outlay.

In addition, many social networks and music websites are launching online contests to seek talented online singers. Popular examples include Hoa Hoc Tro newspaper’s “Online golden micro”, Zing/Coca Cola’s K4T, and the online music contest for Vietnamese students held by FPT and the Youth Union.

Source: VietNamNet & 2Sao