…All because of a certain fellow colleague named Ngo Kinh Lam from her company’s new group Radio.

Except as it should already be obvious, this ‘sad’ love story will, once again, only be for her new music video due on the same day as her 18th birthday, Nov. 22. Check out the trailer for “Sad RnB” below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In an interview by Zing, the teen singer  also shares that “sometimes, artists are burdened with all kinds of pressures, and because of that, it can feel very lonely. Even when going through sad problems, they would still have to bear a forced smile on-stage for the sake of fans…and from this  perspective, I wanted to capture this familiar feeling in  the video.”

With her “digestion problems” from earlier this year in record, fans are apparently worried and interpreting this as some kind of “depression” confession from the teen singer. Could they really be up to something or is this just another case of  over-analyzation?

In other news, Khong Tu Quynh will actually be spending her birthday in the car with NewGen due to her performance in Nha Trang on Nov. 21, the night before her b-day. Further birthday plans also include raising environmental awareness by “going green with fans” –an idea inspired by Michael Jackson‘s “Earth Song” after watching his movie “This Is It”.

KTQ (far right) with Takej Minh Huy (far left) & Radio at a press conference for a movie about “Protecting the environment” for 2012