In an interview with the singer, when asked how she felt about 20/11, VN’s National Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Tien reveals that she is usually very happy on this day and always participates in some kind of music activities to celebrate the special occasion. “It’s already been 2 years since my highschool graduation so every time I revisit my school, I can’t help but think that time is flying by way too fast. This year, I specifically miss my old school, class, and, now, more than ever–my friends.”

Tien also shares that the teachers whom she share the most memories with are the ones from her senior year. “They knew that I was always away singing, and although very strict, they secretly encouraged me to do my best but to graduate highschool first before becoming a singer. I’d also like to express my gratitude to Mr. Bao, my biology teacher Mrs. Ngon, Mr. Thai, my math teacher Mr. Tho, & my chemistry teacher Mrs. Lien as well as apologize for not being able to personally pay my respects this year. I sincerely want to thank you all of you for teaching and supporting me.”

Tien goes on to share with 2Sao that starting over in America was pretty lonely as the new land & people are very different. “Compared to life in Saigon, it’s much less active/exciting. America was definitely a culture shock for me. In those times, I could only go online to talk to my friends from back at home and read online news to see what’s going on in VietNam. Because of this, I was very dependent on my laptop.”

When asked what was toughest during her stay here, Tien replies that there were some personal conflicts that she did not want to reveal. –As far as Vietchannel is concerned, it seems that Tien was harshly criticized in Overseas forums such as Vinashowbiz with rude offensive comments claiming that she is “hideous & fake (they must’ve been really dissapointed after finding out that the girl is all natural)”, “a rich spoiled girl (she has definitely worked hard for what she has)”, “lying about her studies to become a doctor (when in fact Tien only said she was studying in hopes of becoming one since it is her dream whereas singing is her passion. Since when was it a crime to dream?)”, “sings horribly (ironically, her strong vocals can most likely trump that of many other singers from PBN)” and going as far as calling her a VC when all she has done so far is tried her best–Tien sadly & politely responds that she does not want to talk about it while also sharing that she actually likes living a normal life here in comparison to VietNam where people easily recognize her wherever she goes.

“It’s nice to be able to go out in public without having to worry about how I look or that people are judging my image as a singer. I can do the things I like, say things casually, eat the things I crave, and laugh/joke without someone keeping a close watch over my shoulders.”