After canceling his 5-day mini tour in the Northern regions of VietNam and disappearing from the music scene this past while, reporters have desperately been on the search for the “Neu” singer.

Through some careful investigation, Kenh14 was finally able to contact his manager, Tuan Khanh:

On this past Nov 14th, Noo performed for 3 consecutive nights, in Saigon while returning home at 1 AM every night. In the process of riding the car Noo caught a bad cold and it has been reoccurring since. From what his mother said during one of those 3 nights, he could barely breathe and was coughing the whole night. Because I had a feeling that his health was unstable, I suggested to cancel all his appearances in the North from the 15th – 19th. But since he didn’t want to disappoint any more fans, Noo insisted on attending anyway. However, due to Hanoi’s sudden cold weather on the 15th, his condition became worse. That night, he was to perform at 2 locations but after singing 2 songs at the first location, his voice unexpectedly shut off and Noo’s breathing problems reoccurred. By then, we forced him to cancel the remaining shows and quickly took him back to Saigon to escape the cold.

Right now, he is feeling much better, but it’s best we still let him rest because to a singer, their voice is most important, right?

Noo, himself, later reveals that, luckily, his album & music video is already in the process of wrap-up so all plans will still be scheduled to take place with the exception of his mini liveshow which was intended to introduce the album but will have to be delayed until his health fully and completely recovers. This album will include 8 new tracks and 1 special hit that has been linked to his name over some period of time. In addition, the album will also come with a DVD featuring 3 new MVs featuring songs that he and co., Y.E, have deemed as potential hits.

As a teaser to the album, Noo’s “Yêu Là Đau/Love is Pain” was recently released online, and although just another ballad, this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call a vocal showcase.

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