Cause I mean…it sure sounds like it. (it’s usually the happy ones that ends up having a sad/complicated side anyway)

Following Dang Phuong‘s unexpected announcement of Dong Nhi possibly withdrawing from showbiz, the singer has finally released her own public statement:

In these past few days, I’ve been feeling really down/sad…this is truly a huge difficulty to me. But of course, I am also very happy to receive so much support from such dedicated fans during this time period. Because of health-related reasons, I might have to temporarily discontinue my singing career. I am truly thankful forĀ  all of my audiences and fans who have been cheering me on…and honestly, I would like to return to the stages soon.

So… is the spotlight finally getting to her or am I just reading too much into it? Who knows…maybe Noo gave her that terrible cold he has and they’re really both at home playing video games together as we speak….

Anyway, here’s an “aww” moment:

Khong Tu Quynh: "Hope Nu (Dong Nhi's nickname) & Noo is always healthy & you two..."