On this past Saturday afternoon (Nov. 21), the pop diva was spotted at the Không Tên/No Name cafe partying it up with her loyal fans.

Ok, maybe “partying it up” isn’t really the appropriate description here…. but it sure looks like she had fun.

Check out the rest of the pictures from the event below.

During her heart-to-heart moment with fans, Ho Ngoc Ha also shared, “In the past year, it seems like I have always been busy with work–releasing “The first single“, practicing my choreography & vocals to perform in the Asia Song Festival, preparing for my tour “Va Em Da Yeu” upon returning… There are many times I feel very exhausted but still push myself to sing, and continue following in the path I’ve chosen. But audiences and dedicated fans have also been right behind me, following my every footsteps, so for that am very happy.”

Ho Ngoc Ha will turn 26 (1984?) this Nov. 25th. Happy early birthday to the lady!