Since the public release of her inconspicuous official statement, a ridiculous amount of rumors have been flooding online forums and gossip sites–one of which claiming that Dong Nhi is actually on pregnancy leave. The fuck?

If that didn’t already give everyone a good laugh, rumors also had it that the girl will also hold a shotgun wedding because of the baby.

In self-defense, Nhi clarifies that she is NOT pregnant and her “temporary” leave has been exaggerated as she is only on break purely due to health-related issues and will return eventually.

“The other day, I had to go through some operations, but because I was being arrogant and wouldn’t take a break from work, the problem has reoccurred and, now, seemingly worse. Honestly, I felt that one’s health problems are personal matters, and therefore did not feel the need to make news out of it for everyone to speculate.”

Nhi also expressed that “although gossip is unavoidable in showbiz, I am still very sad to hear of these malicious & fictitious rumors. I hope that the rumor-starters will carefully think about their actions before saying such things that can greatly affect someone else’s reputation & possibly life.”

But I mean, hey, props to the antis for having such an interesting imagination….now if only they’d go write a book or something and quit wasting it on ruining other people’s careers, the world would be a much happier place.