After 15 days of performing on a booked schedule in HaNoi and other Northern provinces, the singer was finally able to catch a fresh breather in the very chilly air of HaNoi.

And in sitting down with a HoaHocTro reporter, Huy shared 5 fun facts from his trip:

1. Once arriving in Ha Noi, the first thing I did after checking into my hotel was run straight to the  Bún Chả (Vermicelli with grilled meat) shop at Hàng Mành. This is the most delicious HaNoian dish; #1 on my  menu!

2. After Bún Chả, the Gà Tần thuốc Bắc dish (Black chicken stewed with medicinal herbs)  is also  another must have. On my last visit, I stayed at a hotel near Cam Chi, so after returning from my shows late at night, I would always enjoy a Ga Tan dish–nutritious and perfect for the cold weather in Ha Noi.

3. And after that, I and my crew will visit a cafe to catch up and talk about everything from whats above the skies to beneath the ground. That sense of Hanoian laid-back daily life really leaves an impact on me.

4. The presents I’ve received from fans during this visit includes a scarf, a pair of big warm house slippers, 3 body pillows, and 3 stuffed bears. I wish Saigon was this cold so I could get the opportunity use them. *smiles*

5. And the thing you definitely can’t forget about Winter in Hanoi is of course.. the lovely girls. (ahahhaha). Maybe it’s because HaNoi actually gets all 4 seasons that their girls have this really special feature to them. On my last trip here, my female fans showed so much support and continuously asked for pictures with me that…although my manager was harassing me about the schedule for my next show…..I’d rather come a little late than reject the love of so many…pretty girls! *laughs loudly*