Here’s my philosophy on the matter: if there’s no washboard abs underneath, then the shirt needs to stay on.

But there is one thing that this photoshoot did manage to win me over with, and that’s definitely the reiteration of his signature avant-garde style which never fails to impress me somehow…o.O

Yes…somehow even the too-tight tights, ruffly black wattle, and guy-liner haven’t given me the creeps yet. Perhaps it’ll kick in later, but for the time being, Lieu’s striking new image is actually quite…..refreshing(?). Oh c’mon, at least the manĀ  has the guts to introduce something new to Vpop (despite this probably being too drastic of a step for the rest of the nation, right now). Lol

Next time, though, let’s keep the shirt on shall we?

Check out the (kindof) new digital single, “Thoi Gian/Time” composed by Ho Minh Phuc:

Vodpod videos no longer available.