So… that pronounced  “ah-tê”, “ay-tee”, or simply like the preposition “at”?

Yesterday on the largest Vietnamese music portal Zing, Minh Hang’s official MV to her summer hit “Mot Cuoc Tinh Tan Vo/A Broken Relationship” featuring Thien Thi’s “new Tim” unexpectedly made its showcase. But with Tim Cat Vu‘s return to her company after the random cease-fire, Nhat Trung (Thien Thi’s pres. & rep.) was faced with, yet, another challenge: Renaming his new Tim.

And it must’ve been extremely challenging if the best thing they could come up with is the two letter word AT. What exactly was wrong with his birth name, again?……………..Beats us. But hey, enjoy:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Is it too much to expect just a remastered track? I mean, it’s been what, 3/4 months? (the MP3 was released July-ish)….with all that time, they could at least do the boy’s voice some justice by making him cough up that frog.  Besides the croaking, his vocals aren’t at all bad.]