Not just Dai Nhan & Hoa Mi, but basically everyone else under Y.E. with the exception of Noo Phuoc Thinh who is still out sick:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Like most other artists nowadays who would rather release everything electronically, duo Dai Nhan & Hoa Mi have also jumped on the bandwagon. Their famous hit single, “Doi/Waiting“, which was introduced god knows how long ago, is finally being properly promoted with the upcoming release of 3 music videos: a pop ballad version, an RnB version, and a pop dance version–each, respectively, following the 60’s (tranquil, romantic), 70’s (solemn, nostalgic), and 80’s (fun, disco) concept.

The project will also feature special appearances from fellow Y.E. members, Bang Di and Thuy Tien, as well as from special guests Robbey Le (famous blogger) and Thai Trung (Ngoi Sao Thoi Trang/Fashion Star 08‘s male winner) as Hoa Mi‘s zombified boytoy…or so it seems. (Isn’t he a bit too young for her anyway?)