December 2009

According to a famous celebrity blogger in VietNam, Robbey Le, “I’ve heard many hotgirls sing like Hoang Thuy Linh, Van Navy, Sam, Kelly, etc..and all I can do is shake my head and stick out my tongue. It’s true that their voices can improve with time, not mentioning auto-tune and such. But first off, a feeling towards music is necessary– Tâm has just that. The courage she had to sing live (like she had a choice) at her debut makes me nod in approval: The girl is good & seems very serious towards her profession.”

Check out the rest of the pictures from the H2Teen concert last weekend. (more…)

And Clash is supposed to be the butt kicking flick. How ironic.

Word on the internet is…to achieve their 1 million USD break even point, the VietNamese marketers for the movie are playing dirty by tricking audiences into buying tickets for Avatar and even canceling show times for Clash. News of this have  been heavily circulated throughout online forums, social networking sites, and even the official website of some big movie producing company causing many to question: Really? o.O (more…)

The singer turned beauty queen will be tying the knot with her 5-year-long-boyfriend named Nguyễn Anh Tuấn early 2010. (more…)

For her part in the lengthy, in-production drama, Co Nang Toc Roi/Messy Hair Girl, actress Minh Khue (from Co Gai Xau Xi/Vietnamese version of Ugly Betty) shared about her antagonistic role, “Da Yen is one of the characters that director Nguyen Minh Chung is most satisfied with in the process of filming these first 50 episodes. To cling onto her indifferent husband (actor Tuan Tu) and to get her ways, Yen is even willing go to commit murder.” But apparently in the end (warning: spoilers ahead), (more…)

2 thumbs up for the nifty photoshoot concept. (more…)

Dam Vinh Hung (far right) voted Male Artist of the Year by experts

But the other big winner of the night, Ho Ngoc Ha, happened to be a no-show. (more…)

These fans must be psychic or something. (more…)

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