With 2009 coming to an end and 2010 just around the corner, showbiz professionals  are once again ready to reflect upon this year’s productivity. Find out who won what at the 16th annual Viet Nam Film Festival held this past Saturday on Dec. 12 at the Hòa Bình Music Stadium.

Celluloid Films:

Best Screenwriter: Đặng Nhật Minh (Đừng đốt/Don’t Burn)

Golden Lotus Award (Best Movie): Đừng đốt/Don’t Burn (director Đặng Nhật Minh, movie company Hội)

Press’s Choice Award: Đừng đốt/Don’t Burn (director Đặng Nhật Minh)

Best Director: Bùi Thạc Chuyên (Chơi vơi/Adrift)

Best Cameraman:
Lý Thái Dũng (Chơi vơi/Adrift)
Best Designer:
Lý Quý Tùng (Chơi vơi/Adrift)

Best Leading Actor: Dustin Nguyễn (Huyền thoại bất tử/The Legend is Alive)

Best Leading Actress: Đỗ Nguyễn Lan Hà (Trái tim bé bỏng/Puny Heart)

Best Supporting Actor: Bình Minh (Mười bốn ngày phép/14 Vacation Days)

Best Supporting Actress: Hồng Ánh (Trái tim bé bỏng/Puny Heart) (left)

Audience’s Choice Award: Mười bốn ngày phép/14 Vacation Days (Chánh Phương Company)

Best OST: Đức Trí (Huyền thoại bất tử/The Legend is Alive)

Silver Lotus Award: Trăng nơi đáy giếng/Moon at the Bottom of the Well (director Nguyễn Vinh Sơn) and Rừng đen/Black Forest (director Vương Đức)

Panel’s Choice Award: Trái tim bé bỏng/Puny Heart (director Nguyễn Thanh Vân) and Huyền thoại bất tử/The Legend is Alive (director Lưu Huỳnh)

Animated Films:

Thỏ và Rùa/Hare & Turtle pocketed both Best Director (Huỳnh Vĩnh Sơn)
and Best Screenplay

Video Films:

Producers of
“Mười ba bến nước/13 Shores”

Best Screenwriter: Huy Thành (Đường đua/Race Track)

Best Cameraman: Trịnh Quang Tùng (13 Shores)

Best Director: Đặng Thái Huyền (13 Shores).

Best Actor: Trung Hiếu (13 Shores),
Best Actress: Hoàng Lan (13 Shores) accepted the award

Best Celluloid Documentary: Đất lạnh (director Nguyễn Thước, producers Tài liệu – khoa học trung ương)

Best Sci-Fi: Nước ngầm cảnh báo (director Nguyễn Việt Nga, producers Tài liệu – khoa học trung ương).

Eccentric director Nguyen Quang Dung’s blockbuster Giai cuu than chet (Hot Kiss 2) broke every box office record in Vietnam last year with over VND20 billion (US$1.1 million) in earnings, but the grassroots popularity of the film did not earn it critics’ approval. It won no awards and movie elites dismissed it as a “popcorn” or “bubble-gum” hit.On the other hand, the two most talked about art films of the year, Choi voi (Adrift) and Dung dot (Don’t Burn), sold few tickets in the theaters, leaving the pop-culture junkies and teeny-boppers who packed cinemas for “Hot Kiss” bored and begging for entertainment. The gap between what’s popular and what’s considered “artistic” exists all over the world, but it’s very pronounced in the Vietnamese movie world. Last year’s internationally renowned Trang noi day gieng (Moon at the Bottom of the Well), for which lead actress Hong Anh won Best Actress in an Asia-Pacific Film at the Dubai Film Festival, brought cinephiles and critics to tears, but it was panned by the general public. Many wonder if the words ‘blockbuster’ and ‘award winner’ will ever be used to describe the same film in Vietnam. (Thanh Nien)