Oh c’mon, if you were personally invited by such a piece of eye-candy, who in their right mind would turn down the offer?

Earlier this month, hotgirl turned singer/actress Kelly as well as famous bloggers Vương Khang and Tú Trung took yet another trip to Bangkok after their little vacation  there just some weeks before. Unlike their previous visit, which was to also shoot Kelly & Thien Minh‘s new MV, the three were there, this time, to attend a friend (young Thai star Mario Maurer)’s private 22nd birthday get-together. Check out the rest of the pictures below:

I swear, those cat clawed jeans are everywhere.

Tu Trung (Koolcheng), Mario’s new manager, & Kelly

Gub Gib (Mario’s girlfriend), Vuong Khang (Nkevin), & Kelly