Or so he says.

Earlier this year, we have reported on Ung Hoang Phuc’s comeback after 2 years of recovering from surgery, the establishment of his new company WMA records, and even the recruitment of his 2 little trainees. Apparently, there was one more we forgot to mention and that would be  TV series Nhat Ky Vang Anh/Diary of Vang Anh‘s famous antagonist, Uyên, played by Trang Phap. And the reason why he chose them?

“They are young, capable, and would make a great team because they each have very different styles. Hanh Sino is striking and bold, Trang Phap is mature & elegant in both style & vocals, while Huyen Baby is young & lively–perfect for the ‘teen’ genre.”

Hanh Sino, the one with personality

Trang Phap, the elegant one

Huyen Baby (in the pink), the cute one

He was then asked by Dan Tri (an e-news source) that besides those aspects, were looks  the main criteria to his decision considering all 3 are already well known hotgirls (a term literally meaning popular girl/the “it” girl, generally famed through the teen community for some looks and…sometimes talents. Sometimes).

“No, there are plenty of other beautiful  hotgirls out there, not necessarily just Huyen, Hanh, & Trang. Selecting singers sometimes just depend on natural instincts, a professional eye, and one’s own gut feeling.”

UHP introduces his company’s recruited music manager, underground rapper/mixer Young Uno (Dũng)

popular underground rapper/composer, LK (Quang Hưng) was also introduced as WMA’s music manager

UHP’s WMA Team

Note: Pictures are from UHP’s comeback presscon  all the way back in June.