With so many singers acting these days, someone must have been feeling a little left out.

This coming Tet 2010, singer Thu Thuy will either dazzle or disappoint fans through her acting debut in the role of a young cheerful fashion designer for the new TV series Quý cô tuổi Dần/Ladies born in the Year of the Tiger. In this new comedic production by Phuoc Sang Films, Thu Thuy will also get a chance to costar alongside famous actresses Anh Thư, Kim Thư, and Minh Thư (coincidence? think not). So far, the only other details we know of this series is 1. Minh Thu’s character is strong and good at…Taekwondo, 2. Thu Thuy’s character will hook up with actor Lý Hùng‘s character and 3. although women born in the year of the Tiger are often stereotyped as strong & tough like a Tiger, thus usually end up unsuccessful in love, the women in this series will prove the the latter half  wrong.

Check out Thu Thuy’s new photo-shoot inspired by her character from the series.