We all know how heavily populated the teen/twen community in VietNam has gotten. We also know that in this very competitive community, our quote unquote hotgirls usually account for most of the gossip, scandals, news (good and bad)…anything juicy. Check out who succeeded in becoming this year’s most talked about/memorable name following last year’s Hoang Thuy Linh and Thuy Top:

In no specific order:

1. Nguyen Hoang Bao Tran – the 11 yr old girl who  barely hit puberty won the “Viet Teen Model 2009” award  in September with her model-like height of 170 cm…already above average for most grown VietNamese women much less a 5th grader.

Her secret? “I drink milk daily but still eat the things I like.” (To think milk has failed me all these years. fuckingcheapcows.)

A word from our next Vo Hoang Yen/Mai Phuong Thuy: “I want to be a professional model and not simply just a teen model like  the trend nowadays. Besides that, I will continue learning to end up with the best results.” Tran is currently attending modeling school.

2. Chibi (Nguyễn Thanh Hương) – The most famous cosplayer in VietNam who won Hanoi’s little cosplaying competition with the attendence of stars lile Quang Vinh, Hoang Hai, Trang Phap, Thuy Top, Quang Vinh, and Thanh Duy Idol. We’ve yet to see a regular picture of her in normal “non-cosplay” life. o.O

A word from the cosplaying doll: “I love cosplay and hope that I can transform myself more professionally in the future. I also hope that with my participation, VietNamese people will look at this field with less of a surprised eye.

3. Tam Tit (Pham Thanh Tam) – the girl who has never before modeled or in any way been associated with the entertainment industry prior to 2009, but with just a few pictures of her donning a simple white Ao Dai, she unofficially became “Ha Noi’s most beautiful”, “HaNoi’s unbeatable beauty”, etc…. Or at least that was what headlines left and right insisted on. Following her sudden “ao dai” fame which garnered quite a large fanbase, online game representatives (FIFA Online 2, Linh Vương, Con đường tơ lụa, Fly for Fun, etc) practically lined up at the girl’s door to have her endorse their products. After becoming widely known as “the game girl”, Tam Tit then proceeded to win 1st runner up in the Cherry Blossom Beauty Pageant (June) hosted by BTC. She also entered this year’s Viet Teen pageant as one of the highest contenders but later withdrew to focus on her singing career. The whole teen community is currently awaiting her musical debut.

A word from the hotgirl who didn’t have to flaunt her skin to  become famous: “I know there will be a lot of obstacles but I’m still young and don’t mind the hardships.  I try my best so that there will be no regrets later on.”

4. Phuong Thao – The 90-er who is currently managing 300 models. In short, people are impressed at the fact that she’s only 18 but is capable of professionally managing up to 300 models. Besides that, she can also act. We give her 2 snaps and a circle.

A word from the young & talented entrepreneur: “I love my family and they will always be the most important thing in my life. But I am very interested in business and I will try my best to study and work so that I don’t waste any time in my career.”

5. Elly Tran Ha – I assume we’re all acquainted with this one…we’ll skip on the intro. In recent news, Elly was even invited by a Thai producer to guest star in their new movie, That Sounds Good, which visited Hoi An to shoot a few scenes.

A word from the girl with nice assets: “Up till now, I’ve noticed that having a good physical measurement is an advantage. Although there are many ‘sexy’ photos,  I do not push it to the limit. I don’t ever plan to take  nude pictures to prove myself. I know where to set the boundaries when I get a photo-shoot invite.”

Elly & the movie’s main lead Jay Montonn Jira

6. The girl who created the video “How to Cheat Feelings”

Near the end of the year, while netizens were quite “bored”, a clip of a female student suddenly surfaced the net teaching  others how to look good with makeup tutorials, what to wear, how to scantily dress/pose in front of a camera and webcam so that your pictures are enticing. No one really cared for her name or where she came from. Only the fact that she later uploaded a video with the title “dạy lừa tình/How to cheat feelings”  was enough to keep the online community abuzz with talk. The video has since then been heavily circulated.


A word from a concerned parent: “This is really something to worry about…the way these young people are living. why would they have to cheat feelings?  Why would they have to flaunt skin? What would happen to our kids if videos like this continue to be uploaded online?”